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  • " A dusty blend of folk and rock, with a nod toward the blues..."

    "Wil Thomas? What a lyric writer. Did my head in..."

    Tim Rogers

    YOU AM I

    In 2010, Phaedra Watts offered me a spot. I had a handful of songs I’d written about love and ruin and the injustice of government. Guy Ghouse and Sasha Solig came with me on that journey. I was so grateful for their gunslinging to cover any holes in my story. As I watched myself from the wings of the amphitheater stage, the MC introduced us. Guy Ghouse leaned in close and whispered the timeless advice I’ve never forgotten… “Bro. Main Stage, Nannup Festival…Don’t fuck up.”
    The timeless wisdom made the bile rise and I was so very close to throwing up…
    When we started the first song, I forgot how to make a ‘C’ chord. When we finished the set, I thought we’d bombed. As I walked through the venue on my way out, a woman I’ve never met approached me, hugged me and simply said ‘Thank you’ something set forever in me from those words.
    I’ve played many festivals since, but this one…
    Feels like home


    A snippet from 'The Saltwater Festival ' a few months back... A snippet from 'The Saltwater Festival ' a few months back...






    Opening for and playing guitar for this lady once again. It'll be a gorgeous night... 
    After that, heading south to play the 'Strings Attached Festival' in Margaret River.


                                                                                                            Pic by Martine Perret
    October 2021 8th ~10th                                                   
    Heading south to play the 'Strings Attached Festival' in Margaret River. This is  a fantastic 3 day festival of all things guitar! A couple of gigs and a presentation 'Journey through the Mojo' a chat about some of the instruments that have made rock n roll history. Examples of which will be on display in the main Auditorium..



    Northwest Festival August 2021 'Tanya Ransom'

    Playing guitar for Tanya Ransom at Northwest festival. Amazing few days of music highlights. Connecting with old friends and meeting new ones from  and on the road..!


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  • Upcoming Shows


    January 12~ Rodneys Bait and tackle, Perth W.A

    January 15~ The River, Margaret River, W.A. With Tanya Ransom

    February 5th Brewhouse Margaret river

    February 11th - Denmark Arts house Denmark W.A with Tanya Ransom

    February 16th ~ Kidogo Art House, Fremantle, W.A

    February 19~ The River, Margaret River

    February 26~ Settlers Tavern Margaret River

    March 3,4,5~ Nannup Music Festival Nannup, W.A. 'Riding Light ' album Launch

    March 18 Frothcraft Bunbury, W.A. With Tanya Ransom

    March 19~ Clancy's Dunsborough with Tanya Ransom

    March 25th~ With The Nomadics, Tanya Ransom. Bridgetown, W.A


    26 August ~ Newport Boat club Pembrokeshire, Wales


    20 September ~ Mangrove Hotel Broome, W.A

    23 September ~ Mangrove Hotel Broome, W.A

    29 Sepembet ~ Budha Sanctuary Broome, W.A

    ( With Guy Ghouse & Gina Willimas)

    4th October~ Solo mangrove Hotel, Broome W.A

    6th October ~ Matsos Broome. With Tanya ransom


    11~ 13 October ~ 'Strings attached' guitar festival, Margaret River

    14th October- Froth craft Bunbury ~ Duo with Tanya ransom

    16th October - The River, Margaret River ~ Special Guest Dave Mann

  •         ~~~~~~ ' Biography'  ~~~~~

    A dusty blend of folk and rock, with a nod towards the blues, Wil Thomas is a journey man and a storyteller, a laconic troubadour and the kind of artist you yearn to have at your campfire…

    With his tales of Bush Rangers and modern day political gangsters, Thomas sings of redemption, love and revolution. Weaving stories from a stormy Celtic coastline all the way to the blood red dirt of the Kimberley.

    Thomas’ quest for the story in song is passionate and single-minded. With his sophomore album ‘Provenance’ nominated for an Australian music prize and the release of album #3 'The Riding Light' set for early 2023, he Continues to build on the poetry and swagger of his debut album, ‘Fisherman’s Bend.’ Voted one of the top 3 performers at 'Fairbridge Festival' 2019, by RTR's 'Rockin The Roots', Thomas draws from a melting pot of influences and epitomises all there is to love about raw and relevant Australian music...

    Missy Higgins Broome

    Missy Higgins, Dave Mann, Wil Thomas. Night 2 of the run.

    Tanya Ransom Album launch

    Album 2 out now

    'Some stunning and sublime compositions on this album'

    ~ Michael Park, 'International Americanna Music Program' ~ Newyork, USA

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    "Loved every song on 'Provenance.' Its clear we share the same influences..!"



    "Wil Thomas, What a lyric writer. Did my head in...!"



    Wil Thomas & Guy Ghouse, 'Nannup Main stage'

    "Nothing's changed. Im sick of it. Aren't you sick of it? I didn't write this song for nothing, you know!"

    Paul Boon on the Stik, With the maestro, Shane Howard and special guest, Allan Pigram, Wil Thomas ~ 'Solid Rock'

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